Mental Health for Heroes (MHFH), 501c3 is a charitable organization dedicated to providing services to those that serve us – the frontline heroes of Pinellas County.


It is estimated that 30% of first responders develop behavioral health conditions including, but not limited to, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as compared with 20% in the general population.*

In a study about suicide, firefighters were reported to have more attempts and thoughts of suicide than the general population.*

Between 125 and 300 law enforcement officers commit suicide every year.*

Across the United States, less than 5% of agencies have mental health wellness or suicide prevention programs.


Number of individuals provided services since the inception of the program in June of 2022Veteran Status
10% of the first responders served are veterans

Number of Agencies
14 agencies combined between fire, EMS & law enforcement10% of the first responders served are veterans

Roughly 57% are female and 43% male

Veteran Status
10% of the first responders served are veterans


High-risk careers in the first responder community can have significant effects on individuals, marriages, and families. Prolonged exposure to stress and physical duress takes a toll, impacting the coping abilities and longevity of first responders in their careers. Ultimately, these challenges have adverse consequences for the community they serve in the form of:

  • Excessive sick time usage
  • Unnecessary use of force
  • Chemical addiction
  • Abnormal divorce rates
  • Increased rates of suicide
  • Mental Illness


By joining MHFH as a corporate sponsor, you can help ensure that brave individuals dedicated to serving their communities receive the support they need to maintain their mental health and well-being.



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“Mental Health for Heroes saved my life. I was spiraling at work, calling in sick, my personal life was a constant struggle. Talking with someone who knew what I was going through, not only as a therapist, but as a former First Responder, I was able to find the tools necessary to repair my personal life and go back to work. Thank you for preventing me from being a statistic.”

“I’ve been a cop for 15 years and never considered seeing someone. Once I realized this program was truly anonymous, I reluctantly went for a session. I feel a 1,000 lbs. lighter, less cynical and I am starting to see people on the street differently and instead of getting angry or frustrated, I am finding myself to be more compassionate.”

“My wife kept saying I was angry all the time and I didn’t get it. We finally went together to see someone, and I never realized I was treating my family members like someone on the street. The therapist was able to help me see that and provided tools to stop bringing my work home with me and be a better husband and father.”

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